Supreme’s Kiss – Audiobook

All Kirall wanted to do was bring his mate home, love her, and make sure she never suffered again as she had on Earth.

All Autumn wanted was to make a home on Mondu, love Kirall, and maybe have a family.

While some on Mondu embrace and support the return of the Supremes, others do not. Not everyone is happy Supremes have returned. Change causes conflict. Lives are about to change. All is threatened when an Elder was discovered carrying a jewel that the Varana took from Autumn’s brother, Jack.

The Supremes have returned to Mondu, and it has stirred up ancient animosities. Can Autumn and Kirall overcome them and return Mondu to the proper path or will they be destroyed, and with them any hope their people have.


Series: Kiss Series Audiobooks, Book 3
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Tags: Audiobook, Kiss Series
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