Ull Rigel is a fit and worthy Tornian warrior, the first male of a powerful and respected Lord. Because of this, he’d always believed because of this he’d be able to attract a female, securing his bloodline.

But he hadn’t.

He hadn’t even been able to attract one of the Earth females they’d discovered. But his younger brother, a third male, did. Now, the Emperor was sending Ull to Earth to protect it from the Ganglians who were abducting the females his brother warriors so need.

Trisha Burke had plans for her life. Career. Family. Friends. But one moment changed all that. Her friend Lisa and Lisa’s two children suddenly disappeared without any explanation. When local law enforcement couldn’t find them, she reached out to the most powerful person she knew. The President of the United States, her Uncle.

Two people who have had their lives turned upside down are on a collision course. How these two handled the impact and deal with the aftermath will affect not just them but all the Known Universes.

Series: Tornian Series, Book 7
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Tag: Tornian Series
eBook Price: 4.99
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